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Digital Revolution
Data Driven
Along the way, your partner.
Strive to bring digital revolution to the construction industry.
Leading provider of mobile and web applications to construction industry with the union of deep domain knowledge and IT solutions.
Leading provider of advanced analytics to construction industry to maximize the value of their data, support decision making, to improve efficiency and to improve productivity.

Vitova Document Management System
Tailor made for construction projects, boost your document management efficiency,encourage collaboration between teams and reduce project risks.

Cheops Construction Management
CHEOPS is a Job Costing, Contract Administration and Financial Accounting System which delivers an integrated solution to the application requirements of Contractors of all types, Sub-Contractors, Project Managers and Developers.
Case Study of Valmont, NSW

Machine Learning AI
Machine learning is a computer-based discipline in which algorithms can actually learn from the data. Rather than following only explicitly programmed instructions, these algorithms use data to build and constantly refine a model to make prediction.
Data Driven Construction Management
Data and the information that can be gleaned from it represent some of the most valuable assets of organisations. Applying analytics technologies, tools, techniques and talent can transform plain data and figures into strategic insights that deliver value.
We offer full-cycle data analysis starting from data gathering and cleansing to profound modeling then insights which improve your business outcome.
We also provide consulting services on application implementation. For working applications, you may like to have a system health check on how the system is working against the set of objectives establishing the case for the application.
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